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Pro Bono Publico Foundation Awards 2019 Grants

For the 4th consecutive year, Pro Bono Publico Foundation has awarded $1 million in grants supporting Greater New Orleans schools and education initiatives. In an event attended by educators and their families at the Rex den, leaders of the PBPF awarded $ 1million dollars in grants to 68 recipients for the 2018-19 grant cycle. The […]

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For the Public Good

The Pro Bono Publico Foundation takes its name from the motto of the Rex Organization. Rex's founding in New Orleans in 1872 gave the city not only a monarch and a glittering parade to lead its Mardi Gras celebration, but also a tradition of service in response to the needs of the city. The motto Rex's founders chose, "Pro Bono Publico," embodies that commitment to service "for the public good."

The Pro Bono Publico Foundation was organized by Rex members returning to New Orleans after levees failed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, flooding the city. The Foundation’s annual grants have helped support the reformation of New Orleans failed public school system through awards to schools successfully educating our children and the organizations supporting that success.