Pro Bono Publico Foundation Awards 2013 Grants…

January 12th, 2013

The Rex Organization celebrated its ongoing commitment to the charter school movement in New Orleans when the Pro Bono Publico Foundation presented grants totaling $545,000 to a leaders of charter schools and other organizations supporting the transformation of New Orleans public schools.

At a reception held at the Rex den on Saturday, Jan. 12, Rex welcomed over 300 Teach for America Corps members and alums and honored them along with others working so effectively to assure New Orleans’ children can attend excellent schools.

Teach for America received its third grant from the PBPF. TFA has been essential to the success of the charter school movement by helping staff the city’s classrooms with 500 of its teachers. Kira Orange Jones, TFA’s Executive Director, thanked the Foundation for its gift and described the impact of the work done by the young educators gathered in the den.

The Rex Organization, through the Pro Bono Publico Foundation, is a leader among those in the community offering support for school reform. Thanks to the support of its donors the 2013 grant total matches the $545,000 awarded in 2012. Since its founding the PBPF has awarded over $1.6 million in grants.

Members of the Rex Organization formed the Pro Bono Publico Foundation in 2006 to help support the recovery of the city after Hurricane Katrina’s floods. Funds are raised primarily from Rex members, and the Foundation’s giving is focused on charter schools and supporting organizations.

New Orleans public schools have become a national model as it has transformed its failed public school system primarily through an emphasis on high-accountability, open-admission, high-standards charter schools. That effort has been successful through broad community support, helping to assure each of our children has the opportunity to attend an excellent school.

Rex has actively supported that effort, through volunteers serving on boards of schools and supporting organizations and through the Foundation’s grants.